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Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock takes on the behemoth task of documenting 20 years of the global phenomenon that is THE SIMPSONS.

In his distinctive and innovative style, the unprecedented one-hour special follows Spurlock as he sets off on a cross-country globe-trotting mission combing the streets for interviews from fans young and old.

This included the key and supporting characters, the jokes, the celebrity appearances, the writers, the mocking of everyday things, and much more, a great one-off documentary with plenty of clips, information and opinion to keep you interested.

Marge puts Bart and Lisa in charge of babysitting Maggie.The five main family members - Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie - were first introduced in this short. Bart and Lisa quarrel during commercial breaks over what channel they'll watch.Homer and Marge attempt to calm their children to sleep, with the opposite results. Repeatedly Maggie comes up to the television and changes the channel.However, his head accidentally plops into it and the jug is left stuck on his head.Lisa "frees" Bart from the jug using a croquet mallet.

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