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Now in part 2 we see how the crafty professor uses her own words against her to initiate further punishments of ever increasing severity until she is finally stripped of all her clothing and, stark naked, she receives a severe dose of the cane.

He confronts her about her work and her attitude since the incident with Antonia.She gets spanked bent over the desk, lying across his lap, standing upright and kneeling on her revolving typists chair with her bum stuck right out.Finally she gets over 2 dozen strokes of the cane, half of them with her bent over the desk and the other half bent right down touching her toes.After a sound hand spanking Guy moves on to the slipper and paddle.Still unrepentant, Janet is made to stand and bend over for more of the paddle and the tawse, and then adopt the nappy position for further implements.

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