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Related: Crime History: 34 Years Ago Dennis Nilsen Sentenced To Life In Prison A witness enabled police to draw up a sketch of a suspect, but the trail went cold until 1998, when Cooper got sentenced to 14 years for a series of violent thefts.Investigators placed Cooper in the area of the Dixon murders, then compared his appearance on with that of the sketch.Bringing up Iain's past two failures when it comes to the show's challenging trials, Dennis suggested that the camp should back someone how is a 'stronger fit' as Iain has previously said 'I'm A Celebrity get me out of here,' mid-trial - meaning the camp receives no stars and therefore no food.However, during Thursday night's episode of the show, where he became the sixth celebrity to leave the jungle, Dennis explained that he had a change of heart towards Iain competing, as he had realised his campmates 'need for airtime'.Although, his comments sparked a backlash among fans as they claimed he had been 'belittling' Iain.

He also got convicted for two previous rapes of teenage girls.

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He has found himself at the centre of a 'bullying' storm on I'm A Celebrity this series, with fans claiming comedian Iain Lee is being targeted by his campmates.

Cooper tied up the Dixons, robbed them, and sexually assaulted Gwenda.

He then executed the couple with a shotgun at point-blank range.

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