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This baseline will allow the 3 Configuration Items to evaluate.

Once these CIs have evaluated, the steps below for creating the collections will allow the collections to populate with machines that are out of date with their definitions.

These DCM rules will allow us to populate collections dynamically based on the dates of their definition files.

What we’ll be doing here is creating 3 different configuration items So now that we have created the 3 CIs, we need to create a baseline to target your machines that have succeeded in deployment of the FEP client.

So now that we know the files we’re dealing with, let’s put this together.

First thing we need to do is setup a process to download the definition files automatically.

Create the following directories (I’m using the C: drive in this example, but you can use any of those, just make sure to modify the script I reference below) So now that we have the content downloaded, we need SCCM to be made aware of it and download it on a schedule to our DPs. (x86 and x64 packages for the Full and Delta definitions as well as x86 and x64 packages for the full NIS definition if you plan to use NIS).

So how can we leverage our DPs if the above three options don’t allow us to do so?

The way we accomplish this is rather simple: For each of these files, there is an x86 and x64 file, so 8 total files available.

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We also know there is a binary delta definition file (which we don’t have the ability to download, or at least I’m unaware of the location of the BDD file) for clients that have definitions that are at least a month old, but aren’t older than two months.

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