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It may seem strange to modern taste, but it was not unusual at the time.

In any case there is a notable harmonious relationship between the three sections, characterised broadly by their themes, as follows.

As fellow actors and theatre owners, they were mainly interested in his plays, and the narrative poems had already been printed in Shakespeare’s lifetime.

There was therefore no need to add anything extra or extraneous to the First Folio, which was in itself a sufficiently costly undertaking.

These are of course all conjectures, but we should not take the absence of evidence about Shakespeare’s publishing intentions to be indicative that he did not wish to have his Sonnets published.

The main basis for the claim that the work was pirated has always been that there is something unsavoury in the subject matter of the poems.

His will alone is enough to establish this point, with its detailed conditional bestowal of assets down to the possible sixth and seventh sons of his daughter Susannah and to their heirs.

All these events were important at the time to those directly involved and to a lesser extent to the wider world.

However few would regard the publication of We therefore are indebted to the publisher of this book for bringing to light an incomparable series of poems which has no equal in world literature.

Shakespeare clearly was not averse to having his works published. His narrative poem The Rape of Lucrece he also published, with a fulsome dedication to the Earl of Southampton.

The fact that many of his plays were not published in his lifetime may have many explanations.

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They were among the most popular plays of the period and were frequently performed, so that they had a wide audience already.

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