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I first saw it flower years ago in a bulb field in western Holland, where it made a colourful blue splash against the monotonous backcloth of grey sandy soil under a grey winter sky.The flowers are completely unaffected by snow and frost and seeing them poking through a blanket of fresh snow is a joy.I SHOULD be surprised if any gardener who has the good fortune to come across them could resist 'reticulate' irises, the early-flowering dwarf variety which takes its name from the netting that surrounds the bulbs.Whatever the weather in late winter, clumps of these brave, bright flowers bring life and gaiety to rock beds, patio containers, gravel plantings and alpine houses. The most commonly grown are the January-flowering Iris danfordiae and the cultivated forms of Iris reticulata, such as 'J S Dijt' and 'Cantab'.We also get to see the field hospital in France where Georgina is working as a nurse – this is the furthest that the series ever got from 165 Eaton Place.The acting is, as ever, top rank and it is impossible to single out any performance, regular or guest, that is substandard.In containers, they can be happily paired with winter-flowering violas.

A mail-order catalogue, for autumn delivery, costs 3 x 1st-class stamps.They can also be associated with evergreen grasses, such as Chionochloa rubra, Pennisetum alopecuroides `Hameln' or any of the festucas, such as Festuca glauca `Seeigel'.Iris histrioides cultivars appreciate a sunny position and well-drained sandy soil in a sunny place - add generous quantities of horticultural grit if the soil is heavy. Plant them in early autumn - this gives them time to make their roots while the soil is still relatively warm - at a depth twice the height of the bulb and 2ins apart.They do not need to be dug up after flowering, as Iris danfordiae may, but can be left until really congested unless you wish to increase your stock of flowers.Surround the plant with a layer of sharp grit to discourage snails and other pests.

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deals with the years of the Great War, 1914-18, and is usually singled out as the strongest of the five series.

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