Mtv safe sex campaign

MTV Staying Alive Foundation partnered with Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong to come up with a graphic safe sex campaign to persuade people to wrap it up this Valentine’s Day.

It's cleverly produced by one of the world's fastest growing young animation houses and we've worked hard to ensure that it's clickable and shareable, while getting the message across.""Dick the Dog is a mischievous little mutt who gets extremely excited whenever he sees a hole," said Reed Collins, Chief Creative Officer - Ogilvy Hong Kong.

I'm very selective now.17: Your movie, is always on TV; do you ever watch it?

SK: I watch myself just because it's hilarious — like the character is just so far from me that it's pretty funny.17: Do you have any fun hobbies?

The campaign will run in over 50 countries on satellite television and in digital media in a variety of time lengths and guises including some areas of the world where taboos around sex and safe sex are particularly sensitive.

This will air in countries including: Asia-Pacific: Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and China (digital only).

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