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Kristy started out illustrating her own short fiction, written under various pseudonyms including Transfemme, Angie Holbrook and Erica Lakehurst.Typical of this period was (1990), a six-page feminization piece featuring four pencil sketches.I knew precisely what they had planned for me: there was no need to ask or even guess; it was plainly inscribed on their gleefully derisive expressions."No, you're not," Mommy replied, turning my face gently towards the cheval, "take a look at yourself. Except for that one tiny little part, you're the just about prettiest little girl who ever lived.""Yes, Mother," Denise answered from slightly behind me, a silvery giggle tinting her voice.Stepping up to the mirror, she laid a set of frilly intimates out on the dressing table, placing one beside the next for close inspection.Except where otherwise stated, every attempt has been made to restore each example to its original condition.PART ONE: EARLY WORK Kristy's first attempts at exclusively transgendered art were stiff and somewhat cartoonish, characterized by stark line work and a minimal attention to detail.Kristy Leigh is a former teacher and graphic artist who has been illustrating on a professional basis for over thirty years.

Basing her visual approach on old-school "thrillers" of the 1960s, Kristy's stories covered a range of interests including Caught With Consequences, Magical Transformations, Surgical Reassignment, Transhumanism, and Cyberfemme to name but a few.According to Kristy's (now defunct) website, her main reference materials were 1950s advertisements, employing an illustrative style she considered most appropriate to the subject matter.Alternative sources included glossy women's magazines, British schoolgirl comics and "saucy" postcards of the post war era.Things come to a head on Dominic's eighth birthday.Inviting all of his erstwhile schoolmates to the party, Mother and sisters join forces to humiliate him into complete submission.

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Following carefully laid plans, Dominique's feminization starts early in the morning: …Once they'd finished bathing me, I was taken back to my room, choking down tears of shame with every step.

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