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There's no fillers, guest appearances, onsen excursions, or any of the sort.

From the beginning to end, nothing was left out, and nothing was excessive.

If the above paragraph convinced you to watch the anime, then please do so without reading on.The plot from here on is very unsettling and highly subjective, exploring many major themes such as friendship, betrayal, love, aspirations, endeavors, and escaping from reality.All of this comes together at once, consistently driving the story forward to the very end.These are soundtracks to old Anime from Nippon Animation and the World Masterpiece Theater, maybe i upload other soundtracks from my collection ^^ I hope you enjoy the really great and lovely music and Nippon Animation (日本アニメーション, Nippon Animēshon) is a Japanese animation studio. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, with chief offices in the Ginza district of Chūō and production facilities in Tama City.

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