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My laptop's motherboard overheated and died on me on Wednesday (RIP my 24/7 companion, I'll miss you so goddamn much...).

Had a PC loaned to me for this last week just for the final projects. Before this story, I've tried to write with elements of suspense/mystery in the plot.

I don't have a penny to my name so I dunno when I'll get a new PC --hopefully by July? I'll try to get Echo, Echo updated as soon as I can.(Merriam-Webster)WIP. However, when I revised the fics I've written so far, I thought that it was rather dull to have the main character know more than the reader (or even the author) does.

Because of that, the characters I've written so far have little growth. This is the same woman that Yuan has loved for four thousand years. After 3 years of everyone's curiosity, Albus finally speaks to the Malfoy heir, a strangely distant and mysterious figure even at 13. The evolution of their friendship thereafter Eso jamás lo olvidaría.

Kardia desaparece unos días de la vida de Dégel, el de acuario disfruta de la aparente tranquilidad que le rodea, entonces ¿por qué se siente desesperado?

In Divergence I changed that aspect; I wanted Soren to reveal his background, ambitions and drives as soon as possible; that way you'll understand the Soren in this story. Milo y Camus son compañeros de apartamento en la universidad. The problem is that no one, not even him, had properly understood how far she'd been willing to go to keep her little brother safe. Él, su mejor amigo, había olvidado su cumpleaños, ¡Camus lo había olvidado! Encerrado en Cabo Sunión, Kanon encuentra un acceso a la Atlántida y una nueva oportunidad para lograr sus ambiciones; sin embargo, también se topa con un nexo hacia el pasado: Dégel, el santo de Acuario que dio su vida para sellar a Poseidon en la Guerra Santa anterior. A la Orden de Atena se le ha dado una nueva oportunidad para vivir, y el Santuario poco a poco se reorganiza.

I love it when you a grasp in the character before he starts growing along with the plot; gives you something to expect of him/her. Soren fic, where we don't follow the Greil Mercenaries for a change. Desafortunadamente, Milo no tarda en descubrir que aunque parezca perfecto, Camus tiene un muy peligroso defecto. Y eso era algo que Milo no olvidaría y obviamente tampoco perdonaría. Sin embargo, los Caballeros son también humanos y odios, malentendidos y reencores no harán fácil comprender esta segunda oportunida.

Al irse a vivir al Templo de la Vasija, encontró el diario de Camus.

Leyó la voluntad de Camus y pudo sentir comprenderlo completamente.

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Set at the end of the Tenrou arc, moderately non-canon. *Rated T just to be safe.*What if, after the Fourth Shinobi War and Naruto's battles with Sasuke and Madara, something restarted his life and they all went back, only, they never remembered what happened? Namikaze Minato is sent to Grass for a simple mission but when he meets a four-year-old boy named Itachi, he gets more than he bargained for. However, it also brought back someone who never expected to live again.

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