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In addition Scouts are now asked to “explain the patrol method”!You’ll note that there’s a recognition of the Patrol method , something that has not been specifically addressed in rank requirements before.

Demonstrate your understanding of ‘Scout spirit’ by doing the following; The Scout Oath Repeat the Scout Oath from memory Explain what the Scout Oath means in your own words.

The first sentence seems to contradict the second, and this will likely cause some confusion.

How about “Many of the skills and much of the knowledge required for Scout rank will have been gained during a Webelos Scouting Adventure.

Honestly many of these changes seem tone-deaf, like very little thought has gone into them.

Without being too snarky I have to wonder if the folks who write things like this have actually ever worked with an ten or eleven year old completing requirements.

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Another fix is making the subject headings and the verbs more consistent.

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