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It was a feast of images, people, dialects, foods, clothing, all changing every two years.The only constant thing was family- his mom, dad, and a younger brother and sister.And people expect artists to be a little eccentric, even anti-social.Inside his skin, Siler has always been that - weird and reclusive, but covered it with a proper businessman shell for most of his adult life.Siler was an energetic young boy (and is still an energetic older boy at 64).

Siler gave up music and art, started a family (four daughters) with Sandi and emersed himself in the invention business.It is possible to braid the hair under the cover or maybe wrap it.Recommended to produce a far more practical looking scalp is to use Ace bandage.After four years of mixing education with rock band life, he still had not graduated.Siler accepted a recording contract with Pat Boone’s company (Cooga Mooga) and moved to LA to be a “star” with his brother and their small band (X-25).

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Make sure the your hair is completely free of moisture and moist.

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