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Wharton, supplemented; with English translations) (Bergk's numeration, ed. d'Olivet, 1813; with Greek and English) Bibliotheca Augustana (edd. Harsch, 2003) Peithô's Web (Bergk's numeration, ed. The collection came to SFU in 1995 from the collector Hugh Mc Donald and his wife Jerry with support from Morris and Dr. In all, it comprises 106 volumes published by the Venetian press of Aldus Manutius between 15. John Willinsky, and in honour of both the fiftieth anniversary of SFU and the five-hundredth anniversary of Aldus's death, we have undertaken to produce digitized versions of from the collection, published between 15.These volumes showcase Aldus's many world-changing contributions to publishing, scholarship, and the art of the book.The chief fragments remaining of the original work are preserved by Constantine Porphyrogennetos, De administrando imperio, ch.23 (the article Ίβηρίαι δύο) and De thematibus, ii.

Tyler, 1879; Smyth, 1899; in images, not text) Peithô's Web (tr. Even as an epitome, the Ethnica is of enormous value for geographical, mythological, and religious information about ancient Greece.Nearly every article in the epitome contains a reference to some ancient writer, as an authority for the name of the place. Hermolaus dedicates his epitome to Justinian; whether the first or second emperor of that name is meant is disputed, but it seems probable that Stephanus flourished in the earlier part of the 6th century, under Justinian I. Another respectable fragment, from the article Abm to the end of A, exists in a MS. See the editions of Westermann, Dindorf and Meineke, above noticed; the article "Stephanus Byzant.," in Smith's Dictionary of Ancient Biography, vol.

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