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Written by Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea Directed by Howard Storm Guest stars: Casey Sander as Vince, Tom Hodges as Rich, Steve Witting as Burt 23. Colleary Directed by Howard Storm [note: in the original broadcast, this episode has a different end-credit sequence than the others, which even includes a scene from the "Caught on a Hot Tin Roof" episode with Valerie Harper and Jason Bateman dancing!Wooly Bully (01/18/87) Valerie's discomfort after a bunion operation is compounded by Mrs. Meanwhile, David takes a sucker punch from his tutor's ex-boy friend Eric. ] Guest stars: Ty Miller as Eric, Deborah Levin as Jessica, Tom Hodges as Rich 24.

Happy Anniversary (04/07/86) The boys attempt to cheer up Valerie when she is alone on her wedding anniversary.

Before the original broadcast of this episode, an advisory to parents appeared stating that due to the content of the program, parents may wish to view it together with their children.] Guest stars: Valeri Breiman as Lori, Basil Hoffman as Howard, Ann Ryerson as Charlotte 25.

A Night to Remember (02/15/87) Willie's fantasy--a date with the prettiest girl in the seventh grade--could be realized if he can just persuade Mark to make it a double date with the girl's cousin. Horvath Directed by Tony Mordente Guest stars: Lilly Moon as Jenny, Jennie Gassmann as Maryanne 26. (02/22/87) Valerie, the new coach of the twins' soccer team, benches Willie for laziness in practice while putting David, who wants a new car stereo, to work doing chores.

Bad Timing (02/08/87) The series addresses a controversial issue--condoms for teen-agers--when David prepares for a romantic tryst, and Valerie tries to prepare her son for manhood.

Written by Chip Keyes and Doug Keyes Directed by Howard Storm [Notes: Jeremy Licht does not appear in this episode (perhaps due to the subject content? This is the only syndicated episode I have seen where the original title, Valerie, survived in the opening credits.

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