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Zip files contain the same content as the online version.They allow you to review OCW materials on your computer even when you're not online.Videos with subtitles can be accessed directly through our Courses with Subtitled Audio/Video list.The information we collect from visitors helps us improve the MIT Open Course Ware site, and assists us in evaluating the access, use, and impact of MIT Open Course Ware on the worldwide educational community.MIT Open Course Ware collects the following information from visitors: The MIT Open Course Ware technology solution supports a complex publishing process.This large-scale digital publishing infrastructure consists of planning tools, a content management system (CMS), and the MIT Open Course Ware content distribution infrastructure.Once you have i Tunes open, you can download a single lecture by selecting "Get Movie," or the entire course by selecting "Get Tracks." Once you've downloaded these lectures, i Tunes will automatically add it to your library.Internet Archive Some OCW videos are available on Internet Archive as both MP4 and Real Media files (and a few other types provided by Internet Archive, such as OGG).

Nuance Communications, Auto Store, the Auto Store logo, are registered trademarks or trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc. All other names and trademarks referenced herein are trademarks of Nuance Communications or their respective owners.Our data tables contain heavy use of the scope and headers attributes that make it easier to navigate using screenreaders such as JAWS.To make our PDFs accessible, we replace any Type 3 or bitmapped fonts within the file, and use Adobe's "Make Accessible" plugin before finalizing the document. Auto Store 7 SP1 is major release of Auto Store that includes new and accumulated features and bug fixes along with hot fixes and enhancements that have occurred since the version 7.0 release of Auto Store.The setup application is available through the Nuance download page.

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