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Exhaustive (and sometimes exhausting) stream-of-consciousness rants and critiques of cycling news, culture, and esoterica served with a healthy dose of derision.

Sample post: It's not all just good advice; Bike Hacks also have some great anti-car, pro-bike propaganda.

Red Kite Prayer Good for: Cyclists who first and foremost consider riding a statement—fashion and otherwise. If you haven't yet had the pleasure of pulling on a merino jersey by Rapha, you may not know just how plush, well made, and gorgeously detailed they are.

Written By: Veteran cycling journalist Joe Lindsey.

Written by: According to the author: "I do the blog anonymously just to help separate cycling from the day job." From predicting who would win the World Championships (wrong choice, incidentally, of Peter Sagan) to pointing out the inherent self-serving nature of Specialized's new carbon recycling program, INRNG isn't afraid to express some opinion.

And for the most part, it's well thought out stuff, as are the reader comments, which seem imminently more intelligent and polite than on many other cycling sites.

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