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Say which music you like, and your favourite place to see your friends.

Specific information does more than make you sound interesting – it also gives potential dates something to write to you about.

Second, they sound like an exact description of the writer’s ex.

Don’t even think about posting a dating advert without a photo. You meet, and the blood drains from their face as they realise that your photo was taken 10 years, five stone and 500 wrinkles ago. You don’t have to write someone an epic love letter (please don’t) – just pick out a couple of appealing points in their ad and write a quick intro email. Some rookies assume that they must answer every email, even if it’s “thanks, but no thanks”. “Thanks but no thanks” can feel more hurtful than no reply.

According to Zimdiaspora, the adulterous couple are rigidly attached together through their private parts and the woman’s husband is said to be holding the secret of this episode that has stunned local police and the neighborhood of Zimre Park Ruwa, Harare where they both stay in their respective houses.

At the time of going to Press, the couple had been stuck for 48 hours.

It is said the man then came down to Zimbabwe recently and sought a traditional healer to provide him with “mubobobo” a common Shona traditional muti to trap an unfaithful wife.

Usually, to be unbolted the husband demands a herd of up to five cows.

By writing this in your profile, you’re telling people that you’re not smart or self-aware enough to write it yourself.

Of course, some people will also make sure the more undesirable aspects of their personality remain under wraps on the internet, but there is nowhere to hide on a real-life date, which can again lead to disappointment.

A judgement call will have to be made at some point, so while it is worth finding out plenty about a potential partner online, eventually Britons will have to bite the bullet and meet up in order to assess somebody effectively.

You do this by being original and, above all, specific about your interests.

Instead of saying that you like sunsets, mention the best sunset you’ve ever seen.

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